Tanya Cabala for State Representative!


I am so excited to announce I am running to be the 91st district representative! I have been pulling my campaign team together since last spring – I like to be organized and prepared.

We are now ready to go and ready to win! This is not about me though. It is about what I hope to do for people in the 91st district and our state with your help and participation.

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in Muskegon County, in Pure Michigan, and to be able to help make it a better place to live. I want to help our wonderful area and our state continue to get better in all ways possible. I was fortunate to be able to help restore White Lake to health. I want to help Restore Michigan - I will work to:
  • Restore good paying jobs;
  • Restore affordable healthcare;
  • Restore support for public education;
  • Restore protection of the Great Lakes, and;
  • Restore bipartisanship at the state level – we need to learn how to work together again!

I love where I live and care deeply about people. I have been involved in successful community building efforts for decades and have learned many important lessons about working with others who are passionate about making a difference at local, state and federal levels. I will use this valuable experience to get good things done in Lansing on your behalf.

I know my community well. I live in the house I grew up in. I live by the school I attended, kindergarten through twelfth grade, where I also served as a guest teacher almost 30 years ago, and in the last few years. I live several blocks from the Whitehall City Hall, where I have been serving as a council member for three terms, 12 years, and as a planning commission member, and on boards for solid waste and recycling and fire protection. I am delighted to live less than half a mile from White Lake, or White Lake the Beautiful, its motto once again, since it has been taken off the Great Lakes toxic hotspot list.

My career has been about public service – what I can give back to my community, through:

  • Teaching;  
  • Helping to restore White Lake;  
  • Working for protection of the Great Lakes;  
  • Serving as the volunteer staff for a local green network and an environmental council working to monitor and maintain White Lake’s health;  
  • Creating and hosting a nature walk program for residents and visitors;  
  • Serving as an elected local leader, and;  
  • Writing about our area, its natural beauty, and its people.
I am grateful and proud to be the mother of two adult children who still live in the area, and grandmother to three beloved young boys. I care deeply about the world they will grow up in.

I first became involved in local environmental cleanup efforts when my children were very young. I wanted to make things better and for them to know I cared enough not to ignore our area’s pollution problems – both in the White Lake area, and throughout Muskegon County. I wanted them to know that good things could happen, if we work hard and work together, and don’t give up. I am proud of what was done to clean up White Lake and honored to be a part of an amazing group of people who persisted. I was glad to be part of launching Muskegon Lake’s restoration effort as well so many years ago.

I want to make things better for my grandchildren and for you now more than ever. So much that I care about is at risk. You can trust that I will speak up and speak out on your behalf, as I have always done.

We need strong, dedicated and motivated leaders who can work across the aisle, diplomatically and with respect, to bring back good state government to Michigan. We need doers, not talkers. It is not how big or little government is, but how good it is in providing opportunities for its citizens to have a happy and prosperous life. I would be honored to be one of these leaders, with your support.

- Tanya Cabala
Democrat for 91st State Representative





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