Tanya Cabala

Great Lakes Consulting


Welcome! I am an experienced and successful consultant at your service! I have spent over 20 years working as an environmental professional and community activist.

My mission is your mission: I want to help you achieve your goals.

I have worked for community organizations, such as libraries and chambers of commerce, and I have worked for large organizations, such as state and regional environmental nonprofits.

I have provided quick, temporary help, such as writing a grant for an urgent deadline. I have also managed numerous long-term projects.

My services include: fundraising, event coordination, grant writing, researching issues and developing successful strategies and programs, and writing effective media releases, fact sheets, articles, reports, web content, social media posts, testimony and comments, and more.

My fees are negotiable and reasonable. Please contact me at (231) 981-0016 to discuss how I may help you meet your goals.

I really appreciate all of the hard-working public interest organizations working to make our world better!

Thank you for your good work!


Tanya Cabala
Great Lakes Consulting
(231) 981-0016 office
(231) 670-3413 cell


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